Friday, 26 March 2010

Fingers crossed the guys at Threadless push this into the running.

Ape Fury - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Boards of Helvetica

Inspired by Boards of Canada and the mother of all fonts.  Maybe even the Trainspotting Choose Life poster.

It's over on my  - Redbubble

Monday, 22 March 2010

Donald Butler

Just a last heads up from me tonight.  Check out the photography on offer from Donald Butler.  Now, I have to confess to a little self interest here, Donald is my cousin.  However, I am really impressed by his eye for a photo that to me packs a real emotional impact.  This far exceeds the obvious nepotism that I can't deny also exists.

Anyway, the pimping is over, here's the link:

and here's some examples:

Falkirk Football Club

Here's the first of my Falkirk shirts on the blog.  FFC shirts are at the heart of Thundermonkey T-shirts.  They aren't as frequent as they were in the beginning as I'm growing in confidence when attempting other things.  However, they still make up around half of my sales and I still to this day eagerly and fearfully await the response given by the fiercely opinionated Falkirk fans.

This one is a little foray into the world of Typography.  The one used is called Alien Encounters I think.  You can buy one Here

The Axe Factor

The Axefactor

Outside the Cathedral

By a talented bloke called Blake B.  There are other examples of his stuff on the link below.

Find it at

Han Solo Pop @ Teefury

You'll need to act fast though, it's only up for 24 hours.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Alas Poor Thundermonkey...

...I knew him well.

Good morning.  Here's my latest shirt. It's inspired by some headless Vikings found at an Olympic building site.

You can find me here

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Things You Have To See

A bit of light relief after my shameless plugging.  A re-imagining/sequel of a childhood favourite and a crazy little Tamil dude body popping.

Tron: Legacy - the first trailer

This never gets old

One day's worth of voting to go on Teetonic

Teetonic is Scotland's very own version of the monolith of Tee voting sites that is Threadless.  It's still in it's infancy and as such it seems they are selecting mostly everything that is submitted for voting (hence my having two entries up for judgement).  Feel free to have a look around the site (obviously by looking at my first effort below), there are some gems to be had but as with all these types of sites, if you want to buy a shirt you have to vote for it and hope it wins.

At the moment, my debut entry (Flexiface - those cheap rubber finger puppet faces from yester year) has one day to go before I find out if it's been popular enough to be selected for print.  It has a current rating of 'Could Do Better' which sounds bad but winning shirts have been rated similarly in the past (it's harder to give fairer scores if you have an entry in the running....)

Here's the important link folks ----> Flexiface at Teetonic


Monday, 8 March 2010

Mario on acid

This nightmarish re-imagining of SuperMario can be found over on - Here's the - link!

Start as I mean to go on...

Hola!  First entry on my first blog (which will amuse some folk greatly...).  Hopefully I'll keep you entertained with my T-shirts and other stuff.  I'll fire up the best shirts, illustrations and designers as and when I discover them as well.

First up is a guy who has provided me with a fair bit of encouragement over the last year or so, Matt Simner.


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