Tuesday, 9 March 2010

One day's worth of voting to go on Teetonic

Teetonic is Scotland's very own version of the monolith of Tee voting sites that is Threadless.  It's still in it's infancy and as such it seems they are selecting mostly everything that is submitted for voting (hence my having two entries up for judgement).  Feel free to have a look around the site (obviously by looking at my first effort below), there are some gems to be had but as with all these types of sites, if you want to buy a shirt you have to vote for it and hope it wins.

At the moment, my debut entry (Flexiface - those cheap rubber finger puppet faces from yester year) has one day to go before I find out if it's been popular enough to be selected for print.  It has a current rating of 'Could Do Better' which sounds bad but winning shirts have been rated similarly in the past (it's harder to give fairer scores if you have an entry in the running....)

Here's the important link folks ----> Flexiface at Teetonic


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