Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back on the road

I hit the roads again tonight after an 8 day break.  Pains in my legs and ankles have been bothering me and I've just been knackered so it was a struggle tonight.  I started at the park and headed out to mt Brother's with his birthday present.  I ran through town and to his house in Tamfourhill.  I got pretty chewed up by midges when I stopped in his garden.

Present delivered and at halfway point i headed up to the canal.  It was quiet so it felt like a good place to up the pace but the tiredness and pains in my lower legs told me to slow it down.

I left the canal at Falkirk High before it heads into the tunnel.  From there it's a quick run over to the Callander Park.  With the sun setting behind me it was a fantastic place to finish my run.  It was 8.50pm and the sun was still hot on my back.

I think that over the years I've neglected the park.  It was my underage drinking den, a place to get warmed up with some Orange Mad Dog before hitting The Penthouse and other such dives. 

As I run past Callander House it really put me in the mood for the first Falkirk Parkrun.  It's at 9.30am on 16th July (a Saturday morning).  Details can be found here

As I came to the end of my run I was shaken out of my idyllic state in a distinctly Falkirk fashion.  There was a guy whose dog had crapped on the path and instead of picking it up in a bag, looked left, then right before kicking it onto the grass.

You stay classy Falkirk.

As with the previous updates, here's the begging sign off - www.justgiving.com/dcumming

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Training Update - The Forth Road Bridge Conquered!

This week's training run took us 60 seconds into deepest, darkest Fife.  Fear not, I have since showered.  Setting off at 7.45 to pick up Ross in Falkirk we made it through in good time and set off from between the Road and Rail bridges in South Queensferry.  I was having second thoughts about running through the town and up over the bridge when I saw it from the car park.

My fears were put into perspective when I thought of the charity absailers who were due to tackle the Rail bridge later that day.

My legs felt like they could snap at any minute.  I played Hockey during the week and it had left me feeling stiffer than Ryan Giggs at the Nuts christmas party.  My ankles especially felt like they could fracture.  The cobbles of South Queensferry didn't help.

Surprisingly, the hill that awaited us as we left the town was my saving grace.  I don't tend to have a problem with hills.  I think it might be something to do with growing up on the murderous Wallacestone Brae.  Having loosened off a bit we got down onto the path that leads to the bridge.  It doesn't look like it when you drive over the bridge but it's on quite the long, steady incline.  And it's long.  It felt like an eternity to me before we reached even halfway.  Then before we knew it we were in Fife...but not for long.  I paused my Nike+ for a quick breather and we got back onto the bridge.  Going back seemed much quicker.  Having said that, I still got the willys running too close to the barrier. 

It was only when we stopped briefly when we came off the bridge I realised I had forgotten to turn my Nike+ back on, resulting in 1.3 miles being lost.

Back through Queensferry was over in next to no time and there was even a little sprint finish.  All in all, a great run.  It's always great to try out new routes.

My fundraising is also off the mark.  You can find my justgiving page at www.justgiving.com/Dcumming

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Training Update - Falkirk to Wallacestone and back

6 miles in 55 mins.  Not too bad as the first 3 miles was up hill.  Gradual at first then quickly getting steep as we approached Reddingmuirhead.

After a small breather it was a gentle jog down the slope as we entered Wallacestone.  I grew up in Wallacestone so know all about tackling the dreaded Brae.  There's a reason the prison officers from Polmont Young Offenders Institute run the Brae to keep fit.  If you can manage the Brae you can take anything on.

It's a beast that get's steeper the nearer you get to the top.  It takes it's name from the first Battle of Falkirk.  As Wallace retreated from the English the hill apparently gave him the perfect vantage point to survey the damage. 

No one is really sure where that battle actually took place but it's a safe bet he'd have ben able to see wherever it was fought.

The views from the top are worth the hard slog uphill.  On a clear day you can see the Forth Bridges to the east, Stirling Castle and Wallace's Monument to the north and at night the sky is lit up by the petrochemical plant in Grangemouth.

I think I may have broken an arse cheek running back down the hill though.  You really need to put the brakes on or you'll end up in a field at the bottom. 

Well worth the effort on a nice day though. 

You can donate to Save The Children by visiting www.justgiving.com/dcumming 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The training gets serious

Another early Sunday start tomorrow.  It's the Polmont to Falkirk to Wallacestone and back run that will probably finish me for good.  Check out the gradient.  I know I've been told the Glasgow Half Marathon has inclines but perhaps this beast is a bit much. 

If you are at all interested I'm running it for Save the Children - you can sponsor me at http://www.justgiving.com/DCumming

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Here's a cool link to lifeboxset.com It appears to be a Spanish site and they have listed 10 must have Star Wars t-shirts. My X-Wing design is the final entry on their list. In my book that makes me either 10th or 1st.

I'm happy to be tenth.

Here's a link to the page but be warned, it's in Spanish.


Sweet as a nut!

The Falkirk Football Club section of the website has finally arrived. Here you can find find a couple of shirts with the promise of more to come. Ideally it will have prints, cards and other stuff in the future. Get any ideas in and I'll try to accomodate as many as I can. Click here to go directly to the page.

In the meantime, my newest shirt is now up. I designed it with children in mind but I've also made it available for any big kids out there - Sweet as a nut


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