Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back on the road

I hit the roads again tonight after an 8 day break.  Pains in my legs and ankles have been bothering me and I've just been knackered so it was a struggle tonight.  I started at the park and headed out to mt Brother's with his birthday present.  I ran through town and to his house in Tamfourhill.  I got pretty chewed up by midges when I stopped in his garden.

Present delivered and at halfway point i headed up to the canal.  It was quiet so it felt like a good place to up the pace but the tiredness and pains in my lower legs told me to slow it down.

I left the canal at Falkirk High before it heads into the tunnel.  From there it's a quick run over to the Callander Park.  With the sun setting behind me it was a fantastic place to finish my run.  It was 8.50pm and the sun was still hot on my back.

I think that over the years I've neglected the park.  It was my underage drinking den, a place to get warmed up with some Orange Mad Dog before hitting The Penthouse and other such dives. 

As I run past Callander House it really put me in the mood for the first Falkirk Parkrun.  It's at 9.30am on 16th July (a Saturday morning).  Details can be found here

As I came to the end of my run I was shaken out of my idyllic state in a distinctly Falkirk fashion.  There was a guy whose dog had crapped on the path and instead of picking it up in a bag, looked left, then right before kicking it onto the grass.

You stay classy Falkirk.

As with the previous updates, here's the begging sign off - www.justgiving.com/dcumming

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