Sunday, 19 June 2011

Training Update - The Forth Road Bridge Conquered!

This week's training run took us 60 seconds into deepest, darkest Fife.  Fear not, I have since showered.  Setting off at 7.45 to pick up Ross in Falkirk we made it through in good time and set off from between the Road and Rail bridges in South Queensferry.  I was having second thoughts about running through the town and up over the bridge when I saw it from the car park.

My fears were put into perspective when I thought of the charity absailers who were due to tackle the Rail bridge later that day.

My legs felt like they could snap at any minute.  I played Hockey during the week and it had left me feeling stiffer than Ryan Giggs at the Nuts christmas party.  My ankles especially felt like they could fracture.  The cobbles of South Queensferry didn't help.

Surprisingly, the hill that awaited us as we left the town was my saving grace.  I don't tend to have a problem with hills.  I think it might be something to do with growing up on the murderous Wallacestone Brae.  Having loosened off a bit we got down onto the path that leads to the bridge.  It doesn't look like it when you drive over the bridge but it's on quite the long, steady incline.  And it's long.  It felt like an eternity to me before we reached even halfway.  Then before we knew it we were in Fife...but not for long.  I paused my Nike+ for a quick breather and we got back onto the bridge.  Going back seemed much quicker.  Having said that, I still got the willys running too close to the barrier. 

It was only when we stopped briefly when we came off the bridge I realised I had forgotten to turn my Nike+ back on, resulting in 1.3 miles being lost.

Back through Queensferry was over in next to no time and there was even a little sprint finish.  All in all, a great run.  It's always great to try out new routes.

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