Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Ginger God - a new FFC shirt available now.

Here's my latest Falkirk FC shirt and it's another tribute to a Falkirk legend.  I'm fairly pleased with the result and fans of a certain age will instantly recognise it as Peter Houston.  I started with the ginger hair and moustache before realising I didn't actually need any further detail.  Applying the same logic to the rest I'm hoping I've got a style that will prove a hit.  I can see this working for a number of players so watch this space.

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The fact I made a sale within 15 minutes of putting up on Redbubble is encouraging.  It did get me thinking though that there's going to be a time where Falkirk players from the 80's and 90's will become less of an option.  The guys who grew up watching these players will be at a stage where they are maybe getting too old for t-shirts.  I'll let sales and page views guide me.  The problem with football players these days is they are so one-dimensional.  The current lot at FFC fail to inspire on the pitch so have little chance of inspiring any t-shirts.

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